Magyar Tudomány article: how the redevelopment of brownfield sites strengthens the circular economy

The study entitled "Environmental, Social, and Economic Impacts of the Renewal of Urban Brownfield Areas " by Dr. Mariann Szabó, assistant professor and Fruzsina Bozsoki, doctoral student, was published in the 185th volume of the Magyar Tudomány journal of The Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The study is available in full on the journal's website:

The starting point of the study is that, even though the discourse related to the revitalization of brownfield areas has a long history in Hungarian development policy practice, its role in promoting the circular economy and environmental sustainability has appeared with little emphasis in Hungary so far, for which the article presents a few theoretical and practical arguments. In the study, the authors introduce a framework presenting the environmental, social and economic benefits of brownfield areas’ redevelopment, highlighting sustainability benefits along with concrete examples.