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GreenPlay project is completed – with participation of Department of Environmental Economics

The Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) is the largest technical university in Hun..

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The history of our Department started in the second half of the last century. One of the first Hungarian researcher groups, analysing the interactions of environment, economy and society, was established in the mid 1970s, within the “Political Economics Department I.” of the Budapest University of Technology. The education of environmental economics started as a sub-topic of economics, but a whole course was started soon. The Faculty of Chemical Engineering launched its “Environmental Engineer Specialist” program in 1974, and we joined this as the “Professional Group of Environmental Economics” in the end of the decade.

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Our Department has had a double mission since its establishment: to contribute to the development of a positive environmental attitude of the students at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and to actively participate in the education of environmental experts (environmental engineers and managers) with up-to-date, scientifically based knowledge. We follow an interdisciplinary approach during our educational and research activities, what is necessary, considering the nature of environmental problems, their impact mechanisms and efficient solution options.

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Green certificate

The “Green certificate”, issued by the Department of Environmental Economics has been very popular for more than ten years.

The Certificate which is issued if it is requested by the student – although it does not certify an accredited training – provides information on the attendance and successful accomplishment of environmental economics and management courses. According to feedback from our former students, the document can be advantageous when applying for a job.

If you would like to have a Certificate, you have to meet the following requirements:

  1. Pass at least five courses provided by the Department of Environmental Economics (BMEGT42…)

The Certificate is signed by the Head of Department and the Dean of the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences and it can be requested at the end of each semester.

If you would like to see a sample Certificate, please click here.