Our colleagues participated in GeoSES 2021 Conference

Our colleagues Associate Professor Dr. Mária Szalmáné Csete and Ph.D. student Anıl Yıldırım Poyraz participated in International Conference G.I.C 2021 (GeoSES 2021). Dr. Csete (besides being on the advisory committee of the conference) and Mr. Poyraz presented their study “Sustainability in Disaster Management: An Overview of Nature-Based Solutions” in section B of the conference. The session was moderated by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Grațiela Dana BOCA and Assoc. Prof .Dr. Liliana ZIMA from Technical University of Cluj-Napoca.  

Section B was dedicated to discussing disaster risk management and solutions for monitoring risks from an economic and social sciences perspective. Accordingly, our department members’ study was aimed to explore the economic and social co-benefits of NBS projects with a disaster risk reduction objective from Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia. They expressed their findings on the prevalence of the co-benefits along with various project features such as management setup and costs.