Our colleagues participated in Water Security and Climate Change 2021 Conference

Associate Professor Dr. Mária Szalmáné Csete and PhD student Anıl Yıldırım Poyraz from our department participated in the Water Security and Climate Change 2021 conference. The session was dedicated to discussing nature-based solutions in science, policy, and practice. Karen Sudmeier from United Nations Environmental Programme’s Crisis Management Branch, one of the chairs of the session with Udo Nehren from TH Köln, mentioned the guideline series “Words into Action” published by UNDRR. Both of the chairs emphasized the significance of NBS implementations and monitoring their benefits.

Our colleagues presented their work dedicated to “Sustainability-oriented Evaluation of Nature-based Solutions in European Cities”. The work was aimed to explore the multi-beneficiality of NBS projects concerning water-related issues in urban areas. The outcomes regarding interlinkages with certain project features were also summarized within the presentation.